Case Studies

Here we give examples of our recent work in the form of case studies.

Please follow the links below to read each study.

Drug Driving

My client was stopped by the police and accused of driving under the influence of drugs. Can you comment?


Client observed driving at excessive speed within restricted zone, and consequently was stopped by police. There was a smell of cannabis coming from car. Client had a negative breath alcohol test.


Arrested and taken to Police Station and confessed to two smokes of cannabis earlier.


Field Impairment Test (FIT) was carried out by Forensic Medical Examiner because client had condition which may be due to drink or drugs.


Pupils: 6.0 mm in both eyes but reddened conjunctivae; Mod Romberg: 32 secs; Walk and Turn and One leg stand tests: OK; Finger to nose test: some errors and 2/6 touches.


Blood sample taken. Results were THC = 6 ng/mL and THC-COOH = 19 ng/mL.


Client interviewed by police. He had one pint of lager at 22.00 and at same time shared two cannabis joints, but shared one 1 hour or so before driving.


Is accused of driving whilst under the influence of drugs.


Report dealt with the fact that if THC concentrations above 2 ng/mL then smoking within 6 hours or so and greater than 6 ng/mL driving impairment starts. THC-COOH has NO pharmacological effect. But blood sample was taken 3 hours post incident, therefore THC could be higher, but not much. Results equivocal therefore client acquitted



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