Case Studies

Here we give examples of our recent work in the form of case studies.

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Would the following drug history lead to my client being so affected that he would be involved with acts of terrorism?


Client had troubled childhood, OCD and low IQ and was prescribed fluoxetine 20 mg and risperidone 0.5 mg.

February 2002

Assessed under section 2 of MHA, but Unit could find no evidence of depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; discharged 10/06/02.

April 2002

Aggressive nature, so risperidone increased to 2 mg.

May 2002

Add in propranolol 10 mg daily.

September 2002

There was a sudden deterioration in mood leading to suicidal thoughts. Consequently he OD with risperidone and fluoxetine, but recovered.

October 2002

Now on fluoxetine 20 mg, risperidone 4mg and propranolol 80mg. GP wanted him to change to citalopram.

June 2003

Another OD, this time with propranolol (23 x 40 mg tablets), but recovered.

April 2004

Difficult sleeping patterns and sleeping from 3am to 1 pm. Fluoxetine was changed to venlafaxine.

November 2004

Reduced anxiety and improved sleep patterns. Began attending morning prayers at Islamic Mosque.

May 2005

Sleep problems were still evident, so add in zopiclone 7.5 mg.

May 2006

Seen by consultant psychiatrist and suggested reducing and stopping risperidone.

July 2007

Poor sleep pattern still but drinks a lot of tea and cola!

March 2008

Involved with bombing incident and is accused of acts of terrorism.

May 2008

The report dealt with the client's medication and concluded that in spite of the medication, he would still have the ability to cause intentional harm. Client was found guilty.



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