Recent Queries

  • Our client faces a charge of driving with excess alcohol. He was found to have a breath alcohol of 55 mcg/100mL. However our client stated that he only drank one pint of cider, and but feels that his drink may have been spiked. Can you advise?
  • Could you provide an account as to the whether the effects of spironolactone and frusemide would prevent a persons ability to provide a urine specimen as part of a drink/drive procedure?
  • Can you comment on the fact that the Defendant was found to have over 1000 flunitrazepam (Rhohypnol) tablets together with a quantity of cocaine. Could they be used as a cutting agent?
  • Can you provide a report to establish what effect the drug ketamine would have on the body when taken with cocaine and alcohol? In particular, what effect does this have on sexual behaviour?
  • We are working with a case of wounding with intent to cause grievous harm and we require the likely effects of diazepam and a quantity of alcohol on the client's behaviour. Can you provide a report?

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