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Welcome to our website, please browse through and we are sure you will find an answer to your query.

The service

XPC services provides expert witness advice and written reports to both prosecuting and defence counsels in drug related criminal and similar cases. Our clients include the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Police Authorities and many private solicitors.

The expert witness

Dr Mould has an extensive and broad knowledge in the action of drugs on the body and the way in which the body deals with drugs once they are taken. He is therefore qualified to answer queries regarding clinical pharmacy, clinical pharmacology and toxicology.

The experience

With over 40 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry and National Health Service and 5 years of providing comprehensive reports and oral evidence in court, Dr Mould is ideally placed to advise you on your drug therapy enquiry.

The question

For a representative selection of questions, please go to recent queries. This gives an idea of the range, but it is by no means comprehensive and we would aim to advise on situations where almost any type of medicinal and non-medicinal compound is involved. Please contact us directly using the Contact page.


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