Dr Saal Seneviratne Expert Witness in Psychiatry

Income Protection

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Psychiatric Assessments

Online or in person, often same day appointments. The main rate limiting step is getting access to the GP records. In many of these cases, third party information, from Occupational Health, and a Line Manager, is valuable, as is a family member.

Almost all employees want to return to work.

Most of these cases, arise out of poor communication between OH, HR, Line Managers, and the GP. 

In some cases, the GPs have not adequately treated a depression.

The solutions are, in many cases, straightforward, and outcomes are good for the employee – especially in terms of getting the correct treatment in a timely fashion.

Income protection insurance

Income protection insurance in the UK covers mental health conditions.
Coverage may vary depending on the specific policy and insurer.

Review your policy to understand the extent of mental health coverage provided.

ADHD, commonly undiagnosed in Adults, is a cause of poor performance, and not being able to return to work.

Do insurers ask about mental health?

Insurance companies in the UK may inquire about mental health conditions during the application process.
They must adhere to data protection and privacy laws and maintain confidentiality.
Provide accurate information to ensure appropriate coverage.

The Equality Act 2010 is central in these cases, as I am usually instructed to assess for the presence of a disability as defined under the Act and look at effects on day to day functioning.