Dr Saal Seneviratne Expert Witness in Psychiatry


Private & LAA accepted

Mental Health Assessments

You must inform DVLA if you have a medical condition. They must be told about the medication that you take.

Your Doctor will advise you to speak to the DVLA – he has a duty to do so. It is the driver’s responsibility to inform DVLA.



CDT Tests and Hair strand Tests are important indicators for reinstatement of a licence. It is 1 year of total abstinence for alcohol dependence.

The DVLA definition of alcohol dependence is 

  • a strong desire to take alcohol, 
  • difficulties in controlling its use. 
  • Persistent use despite harmful consequences 
  • and evidence of increased tolerance 
  • and sometimes a physical withdrawal state.


I do do reports for Death by Dangerous Driving, and reinstatement of licences.

I am happy to be instructed for sentencing, and mitigation.

In 99% of enquiries, I will refuse instructions for Failure to Provide or “Drink-Drive” cases.

Very rarely, where the evidence is clear and backed up by mental illness, BWV, GP Medical Records, and video of the EBM procedure, I will discuss the case with the solicitors, and am happy to offer advisory services: 

I did these matters until 2016/7 and have considerable expertise in this area, but no longer an area I wish to work in.