The Experience

Dr Mould is an independent Pharmacy Consultant, who is based in the University of Surrey Science Park. He has been trained as a pharmacist and clinical pharmacologist originally gaining an honours degree in Pharmacy from University of London, a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the same University.

During this period of training and research, he developed skills in determining how the body responds to drugs (pharmacodynamics) and how drugs are transported within the body (pharmacokinetics). This knowledge was put to good use when Dr Mould worked for the NHS for the next 20 years developing and organising a Therapeutic Drug Monitoring service in the Royal Surrey County Hospital. This was one of the first services in the country and together with colleagues from the University of Surrey developed a number of analytical methodologies for a wide range of drugs. This enabled close clinical monitoring of patients who were receiving potent drugs ensuring that just enough was being absorbed for therapeutic efficacy and avoidance of toxicity.

Dr Mould then went on to set up an independent Clinical Research Organisation, working with the Pharmaceutical Industry in developing new therapeutic agents and reformulating existing ones. This enabled further valuable experience to be obtained in observing the action of drugs in healthy volunteers and in patients.

During this period, because of his unique experience of the action of drugs, Dr Mould developed his skills in report writing and assessing the action of drugs in criminal cases where the action of drugs might have been responsible. This has further developed, so that Dr Mould now has over 5 years of experience in this area.


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